Pet Gun Dog Training Classes

Do you own a gun dog or a gun dog cross? Such as a spaniel, labrador, retriever, vizsla, pointer, setter, hound, poodle, cockapoo or doodle.

Would you like a healthy outlet to harness your dog’s natural instincts and abilities?

If so, our Pet Gun Dog Classes will be perfect for you. You’ll also learn to control your dog’s behaviour in a distracting environment and build a great relationship with them.

We hold the classes at the brilliant Mawdesley Pooch Park on Sunday mornings.

We cover a variety of areas including:

• The importance of genetics & harnessing your dog’s natural instincts
• Fundamental Obedience skills
• Retrieving
• Work with a whistle
• Control of prey drive
• Recall
• Attention
• Go to target
• Place boards and lots more…

We also provide handouts covering key areas and access to our demonstration videos.

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