Reactivity (I really prefer ‘sensitivity’) in dogs has an emotional aspect so we need to ensure dogs feel safe and confident at all times.

Confidence is key – we need to turn sensitive dogs from pessimists, who are startled or overwhelmed, into optimists.

Using our understanding of the way your dog learns from and deals with the world around him, we can start to work towards building a training programme to help overcome their reactivity to other dogs and in some cases, strangers, traffic, car rides etc.

Our REACTIVITY BUNDLE comprises of:

    • Stage 1 – Assessment either in person or online
    • Stage 2 – 1 Hour 1-2-1 Session (Option of working with one of our trained dogs or a Stooge dog)
    • Stage 3 – 1 Hour 1-2-1 Session (Option of working with one of our trained dogs or a Stooge dog)
    • Stage 4 – A Place in our 3 Part Group Reactivity Workshop to be held at Mawdesley Pooch Park
    • Online Support for 4 months
    • Access to Demonstration Videos
    • Full written reports following each session


The Bundle covers:

    • A thorough assessment of your dog’s reactivity, including triggers, intensity, and frequency
    • Gathering information about your dog’s history, including any past incidents or experiences that may contribute to reactivity.
    • Considering your dog’s socialisation experiences and interactions with other dogs.
    • Developing a systematic desensitisation plan to gradually expose your dog to other dogs in a controlled and positive manner.
    • Implementing counterconditioning techniques to change your dog’s emotional response to other dogs.
    • Enhancing your dog’s focus, engagement and impulse control.
    • Educating you on understanding canine body language and recognising early signs of reactivity.
    • Providing guidance on appropriate handling techniques during encounters with other dogs.
    • Creating controlled scenarios for your dog to interact with other dogs in a controlled and positive environment.
    • Gradually increasing the complexity of situations as your dog progresses.


We will use a holistic approach to incorporate play, nose work and appropriate exercise.

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